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How can I create TikTok Pixel?

Make sure you create a TikTok Ads account before.
  • Navigate to your TikTok Ads account
  • Click Event > Website Pixel > Manage
  • Click Create Pixel
  • Add a pixel name
  • Select "Manually install pixel code"
  • Copy the Pixel ID and add it to Switch TikTok App on your store.

Where can I find the pixel ID ?

When you created the Pixel on the TikTok Ads Manager, you have chosen to install the pixel manually. A code was generated. You need to spot the number sequence like this :

How to check if TikTok Pixel is correctly firing

1/ Using the TikTok Pixel Helper Chrome extension

The best way to check if the pixel is correctly firing is by using the TikTok Pixel Helper extension in Chrome.
  • Open Chrome browser
  • Install the extension. You can download it here
  • Visit your store
  • Open the extension
  • Make sure that you see the Pixel ID that you entered in settings form

2/ Using the debug mode of the Switch TikTok Pixel app

  • Head to the app in your store admin, and set the debug mode to Info and save the changes.
  • Open the store in Chrome
  • Inside the console you will see information printed out the injected pixel.
  • Disable the debug mode by setting to Off once you are done debugging.