How can I create TikTok Pixel?

Make sure you create a TikTok Ads account before.
    Navigate to your TikTok Ads account
    Click Event > Website Pixel > Manage
    Click Create Pixel
    Add a pixel name
    Select "Manually install pixel code"
    Copy the Pixel ID and add it to Switch TikTok App on your store.

Where can I find the pixel ID ?

When you created the Pixel on the TikTok Ads Manager, you have chosen to install the pixel manually. A code was generated. You need to spot the number sequence like this :

How to check if TikTok Pixel is correctly firing

1/ Using the TikTok Pixel Helper Chrome extension

The best way to check if the pixel is correctly firing is by using the TikTok Pixel Helper extension in Chrome.
    Open Chrome browser
    Install the extension. You can download it here
    Visit your store
    Open the extension
    Make sure that you see the Pixel ID that you entered in settings form

2/ Using the debug mode of the Switch TikTok Pixel app

    Head to the app in your store admin, and set the debug mode to Info and save the changes.
    Open the store in Chrome
    Inside the console you will see information printed out the injected pixel.
    Disable the debug mode by setting to Off once you are done debugging.
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