How can I create Facebook Pixels?

The best way is checkout Facebook documentation. Head to https://www.facebook.com/business/help/314143995668266?id=1205376682832142

How do I check that configured pixels are working correctly?

1/ Facebook Pixel Helper

The best way to check that events are firing correctly is to use the Facebook Pixel Helper extension for Chrome. You can read more information about this extension here.

Once installed, head to your store, if everything is ok you'll see pixels firing in the helper like this

2/ Google Chrome DevTools Console

Another way to double-check that events are firing is by enabling debug mode on the app, and setting it to verbose. Once configured, head to your store using Chrome, and open Console in Developer Tools.

Inside the console you will see information printed out about the events triggered and which pixels was initialized for which page.

Is this compatible with Shopify Facebook Channel ?

You need to keep in mind that firing duplicates pixels is a bad thing as it will impact your Facebook Ads reports and will likely have an impact on your website performance.

It is therefore recommended removing your Pixel ID from your settings in Shopify Store.

Do I need to add code to my theme ?

No. Everything is configured on installation.

Do I need to remove code from my theme if I uninstall the app?

No. The application uses something called script tags.Shopify will delete them on uninstall, so there is no need to edit your theme code.

How many pixels can I add ?

There is no limit on the number of Pixels that you can add.

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